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thesumo's Journal

1 April
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I love hugs. I also love music, rain, fall, driving, the mountains, movies, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend, in NO particular order, because my boyfriend is certainly NOT last. Waffles are good too. I typed waffles are god, and that gets us to my other big interest- religion. I'm starting to be less interested in it as I get more confused though. And I mean I am Confused. To be general about it I'm Christian and Unitarian Universalist. UU is a lot easier to stick with though, because it's not confusing. It's just be nice to people and accept their beliefs and think about your beliefs and don't be ignorant, but don't think that you know everything. That's my take on it at least ;). Christianity is way too complicated. I just will say that Jesus was a pretty cool guy, and so were a lot of ancient cool guys, namely Socrates, and that's that. I'm really into philosophy. I like to have my brain twisted, as long as I can untwist it eventually and figure out what just happened. This is turning into a rambling session, isn't it? My bad.
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